Jysk Arkæologisk Selskab

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Jutland Archaeological Society is open to anyone interested in archaeology and cultural history.

As a member of Jutland Archaeological Society youâ??ll receive the Societyâ??s annual journal Kuml.

Each year, the Society publishes a number of books about Danish, North-European, Classical and Middle-Eastern archaeology. JAS membership entitles you to purchase these books at a reduced price (see catalogue).

Further advantages of membership are free admittance to the Societyâ??s lectures, the opportunity to participate in the Societyâ??s tours and excursions.

Membership also grants a 50% discount on admission to exhibitions at Moesgaard Museum for the member + 1 guest.

The annual subscription fee is 200 DKK (plus postage for Kuml); this is normally due in October when the Societyâ??s annual journal Kuml is published.

Application for membership â?? please send an email to the Society:

On-line application

Join the Jutland Archaeological Society and take advantage of the Societyâ??s many exciting offers. Fill out the form and submit it to Jutland Archaeological Society. The annual membership fee is only 200 DKK per year.